The Nerve Center

The Nerve Center, by the way, is my office (PJKM speaking), where I’m conferring with Zac and Ada about our plans for this blog. We’re going to add new tabs, including Fame and Riches, to celebrate prizes and publications and general glory, plus the Dale Edmonds Drinking Club. Whether you’re a current student or an alum, please let us know if you have anything to boast about, or anything to admit to, or photos of salon-like events featuring Prof. Edmonds (or anyone else Tulane-related and literary). Right now I’m preoccupied with the following: our Indian food order for the Salman Rushdie bookclub next Wednesday, and whether we’ll get artwork up in the LBC for the Louise Gluck reading, so the room doesn’t look like a giant Swedish sauna.Also, it’s the Tennessee Williams Festival this weekend, and if I wasn’t so lazy I’d create a link. Ada is going to the Stella! shouting contest. Zac is “doing general box office” ie drudgery. I’m convening a panel on place and the short story on Sunday.There may be photos. 


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