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Finals, Graduation, Life, Etc.

The academic year continues its drawn-out winding-down at Tulane.  Exams have been taken, portfolios have been turned in, theses have been defended.  Today was move-out day, except for those of us staying until graduation, who will be haunting campus for another week with vague concerns about this “real world” that everyone keeps mentioning.

Personally, I plan on taking my diploma either to a copywriting position in a marketing firm back home, or to the bar in Costa Rica where I will be waiting tables and growing a tropical goatee.  There’s no middle ground here, folks.  Maybe MFA next year?

As previously reported, our own Mark Clements and Philip Matthews will be embarking on their MFA careers, at Colorado State and Wash U, respectively.  Forgive the green tint of my skin–must be the light in here.

Whatever the case, college is done for now.  So long, undergraduate self!  Hello, alumnus self!  No more homework–now is the time for, well, real work I guess.


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All About Us

This is PJKM here, unable to post myself for reasons mysterious and irritating. Before the semester fizzles into nothingness, please note: Tulane’s creative writing faculty are constantly in the news.

Peter Cooley is feted by the Times-Picayune; Paula Morris drones on to the New Wave; Tom Beller comments in the New York Observer. You can’t keep us quiet (or in town for the summer).

Over the summer, there’ll be fewer posts, but we’re hoping to lure some students, past and present, over here to talk about their great achievements – winning prizes, going to MFA programs, undertaking internships, embarking on glorious careers, publishing stories and poems, etc.

Also, next week we’ll be posting the names of this year’s Creative Writing prizes, including the winner/runners-up in the Academy of American Poets Contest – judged by this year’s Arons Poet, Nicole Cooley – and the Dale Edmonds Short Fiction Award, judged by Michigan-based novelist Rebecca Johns.

In the meantime, congratulations to Philip Matthews, who will take up a place on the MFA program at Hollins University in Virginia this fall, and to Mark Clements, who will be terrorizing his fellow fiction writers at the MFA program at Colorado State University.

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